Armand Morin’s BIG Seminar 2007 Reviewed

Posted by Marty Dickinson on May 2, 2007

Web Site Waves is the start of a whole new blog designed to keep my own clients up to speed with anything new I’m seeing in the industry. This also marks the beginning date of future anniversaries to be celebrated. For it was just a few days ago when I returned from Armand Morin’s BIGSeminar 2007.

And, let me tell you, it was quite the event! Here’s a pic:

Armand Morin's BIG Seminar 2007

This picture is of Alexandria Brown “Ali” as she like to be called, maybe better known as “The E-zine Queen.”

Ali was one of the many featured speakers at the Big Seminar. The event was great (of course), but the only thing that seemed like a surprise was that the speakers were so jovial and willing to talk about anything in the world…except their topic. I must’ve been told 15 times, “Well, yeah, that is a common issue….annnnnd, I’m going to be covering that in my presentation!”

And, then of course, they would be swarmed by people for a few hours after the presentation and then they disappear for a plane flight.

Brian Tracy did the same thing to me after a team of us helped him sell $100,000 in product after one of his shows here in Denver. I asked him a simple question about his speaking career and his response was, “Too big a question.”

Who are these people anyway? I mean, we buy their products, attend their high dollar multi-day events and they can’t just answer a simple question? The answer lies in “accessibility.” They’ve all gone to the John Carlton school of public speaking, which is to “tell a little…” and “sell a lot!” and the Dan Kennedy practice of being untouchable.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with selling and each speaker gave great content at the BigSeminar. It’s just this little thing that continues to catch me off guard at every event I attend.

What are your views? Should a speaker have the right to say “I’ll be presenting that later” or do we not have the right as attendees to be upset about not getting an answer? Post your views here.

So, I’m looking forward to making frequent posts with this blog starting tomorrow at my Winning the Internet Dogfight workshop. Stay tuned!

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