Brian Jud Doing a Great Job Presenting How to Sell More Books to Retailers

Posted by Marty Dickinson on Aug 21, 2010

Brian Jud is speaking to a nice intimate group of about 70 here at the Book Masters seminar in Denver Colorado with Brian Jud, Dan Poynter and Judith Briles. Brian Jud is up now doing a great job of presenting how to sell more books to retailers, not just big bookstores. Connect with Brian Judd on Facebook if you are an author or aspiring writer.

What to Post on Facebook

Posted by Marty Dickinson on Aug 1, 2010

People are always asking me what to post on Facebook. I believe what we should be considering here is what should we post on Facebook that will build rapport with people. That’s really your main objective with Facebook in the first place, right? Next time you are struggling with what to post on Facebook, choose from this list. If you have an addition please add a comment and I will feature it in the main list.

Things to post on facebook…in no particular order of importance or success rate for accomplishing anything: