About the Editor

Hi there and thanks for checking out Website Waves. My name is Marty and I’m sure there’s a name for it, some word that ends in phobia to describe it probably, but I really despise talking about myself. In fact, if “I” ever see the word “I” more than twice in a paragraph, “I” will usually delete one or two of them or start a new paragraph.

Most blogs, however, have some kind of page or section that gives background about the editor. So, just one of those things that has to exist [deleted word here] suppose.

So maybe the best way to accomplish the non-use of “I” is to do it this way:

Name: Marty Dickinson
Age: 40 something
Passion in Business: Keeping business owners in control of their Internet strategy.
Family: Married 18 years, have a couple of rug rats
Origin: Chicago born, then off to New Jersey, upstate New York, CT, college in PA
Degree: B.S. Marketing with emphasis on Marketing Research and Strategic Planning
Resides: Denver area since 1991
For Fun: Downhill skiing, foosball, guitar, racquetball
Company: HereNextYear, Inc. – My company does all the stuff for clients that the Internet marketing dudes talk about on stage.

Published Works: Getting Brutal with Google, Convert Me Now!, Surprise Cash, Winning the Internet Dogfight (out of print 2004)
Future Works: One of 4 co-authors of the upcoming Internet Marketing for Dummies book due for release in January 2009 and will be available for pre-orders on Amazon by August 2008.

So, that’s me. I invite YOU to come along for the ride and subscribe to one of the Website Waves feeds or just add your email address to the top left to be notified every time a new post is made to the Website Waves blog.

If you see a posting you like, please do make a comment. If you leave a link in your comment “user” back to your blog, I will most likely visit it and make a comment to one or more of your postings too. Because, that’s how blogs work, y’know?

Above all, if you have a question for me, or would like me to cover a specific topic on the blog, by all means complete the contact form. I do reply to every contact request personally.

Thanks again for stopping by and remember, it really is possible to get your website on higher ground. Just catch some waves…at the Website Waves blog.

All the best,
Marty Dickinson