Another Great Turnout at Profit Again in 2010

Posted by Marty Dickinson on Jun 25, 2010

Zakary Barron from Constant Contact and I had another great turnout at Profit Again in 2010. Our workshops are typically just 3 hours from 9 to noon during a weekday so you can get your work done during the rest of the day. Looks like we might start doing these once a month as we always have a waiting list. Keep checking our Denver Internet marketing workshops page on the site and sign-up for the Tuesday Triplet and receive notices whenever we have another upcoming workshop.

At every session, we cover social networking, blogging, WordPress, SEO, video, email marketing strategies and other essentials. And, yes, that’s just 3 hours of jam packed content. Hope to see you at the next one!

Domain Name Registration and Registering a Domain Name

Posted by Marty Dickinson on Jun 25, 2010

Yesterday included my second speaking gig for the week and sure enough someone walked up to me and asked me afterward where a good domain name registration company might be. As I’ve been recommending to people for more than 6 years now, I suggested Now, let me explain why I do that.

1. Money – is a domain name I registered to point to my domain name reseller account. When you buy a domain name, or anything else offered at, I get a tiny commission for the referral. So, sure, I’m in business to make money. No big secret there. But, there’s more to the story…

2. Domain Name Education – When you buy a domain name through my site, you’re going to get educated at the same time. Anyone who buys any service through should send an email to me stating that they bought something there. In return, I send a mini-ebook along with a 40-minute recorded audio file of how to strategize using domain names. We sell this product in Action’s Store on the HereNextYear site, but you’re going to get that for FREE when you buy a domain name through the system.

3. Domain Name Search – The system also has a nice domain name search feature where you can search for available domains and then see several choices of additional, but related, domain names. So, if you want to register the domain name “” you would search for its availability only to find it’s already taken by someone else. That’s fine, just pick one of the examples that comes up on screen as optional available domains.

4. Free URL Forwarding – Another great feature of your domain name ownership through this system is FREE URL Forwarding. This feature allows you to register a domain name and then point it…or “direct” it…to a website or even an individual page on a website. Many domain name registrars charge extra for this feature.

5. Domain Name Ownership – Using my preferred vendor for domain name registration allows you the business owner to register your domain name on your own. You don’t need admin to help you and you sure don’t want your web designer or services company to register your domain name for you or in their own name. Your website might be considered as the “heart” of your Internet marketing campaign as I’m always presenting, but your domain name is the equivalent of your DNA! You must have ultimate control of your domain name or your entire effort can be brought to a screeching halt.

So, those are the five main reasons why I continue to promote and support my domain registration system. And, I’d be hard pressed to change to anything else. Good luck!

P.S. If your curious what system I use to get commissions on domain name referrals, checkout my write up on the best domain name affiliate program on earth.

Joel Comm Presenting Now at AffCon 2010 in Denver

Posted by Marty Dickinson on Jun 21, 2010

Here’s Joel Comm presenting at AffCon 2010 in Denver doing a great job of introducing the group to iPhone apps and being more of a Babe Ruth kind of Internet marketer….either go big or go home as the saying applies.

I originally saw Joel Comm speak at Big Seminar a couple of years ago. He’s the author of Twitter Power and The AdSense Code.

So far, he has a pretty softball speaking gig going on here showing a bunch of pre-made videos about what he’s done. Hopefully we’ll get to some actual to-do’s but that doesn’t really matter. Joel Comm is the keynoter. Joel is the one to kick things off. Joel is the one that AffCon really needed last year to kick off the conference.

Ah! There we go…Joel is starting to talk about Mobile Marketing; a hot topic. If you’re in any kind of marketing, you should be at AffCon 2010 in Denver, Colorado. Still two more days to go! You could be here today or even tomorrow. Join us!

I’m on a panel at 12:45 talking about the challenges of blog platforms. It’s called the Blog Builders. Hope to see you here!

Join Me at the BlogWorld Conference 2010

Posted by Marty Dickinson on Jun 10, 2010

The BlogWorld and New Media Expo and Conference 2010 is going to be the most important and opportunity-generating show it’s ever had. If you think my 3-hour workshops are “educational,” or you enjoyed watching Joel Comm speaking at AffCon 2010 in Denver, well, multiply that by about 100. The networking, the learning, the ability to talk with Internet pioneers is enough to keep you full of cutting edge tactics to try for the next six months!

Register Now through my affiliate link and use the discount coupon EBIRD. The reason you want to use the discount coupon (good only through July 15) is to get the best deal of course. The reason you want to sign-up through my affiliate link is because you will have the best experience at the conference! Here’s what will happen.

The show is on for 3 days, October 14, 15, 16. After each day worth of sessions, I will hold a one-hour group meeting with those who have signed-up through my affiliate link. Together, we will go over highlights from the sessions we attended and share contacts of interesting people we met.

It’s impossible for one person to absorb everything at a multi-day conference. And, I’m lucky if I meet more than about 20 people at an event like this because I get in such lengthy deep conversations with people that I forget to move onto the next contact! By sharing networking connections together, we will multiply our connections and network exponentially!

So, checkout the details, and
just sign-up. You’ll thank me later. Take advantage of the earlybird special discount and make sure to sign-up through my affiliate link. Then send an email to me that you have done so and I’ll add you to my list.

[Note: Yep, as an affiliate I'll be getting some commission for this sale, but I'll be putting that money to use...for you! More details later.]

See you in October at the BlogWorld Conference 2010.