IP Vault Review for Professional Speakers

Posted by Marty Dickinson on Oct 17, 2014

Laurie Guest was speaking at NSA Colorado today and brought up an interesting tool called IPVault where she uploaded her powerpoint presentation, a bunch of pdf docs and some videos and then gave her website to go get the stuff. It captured my email address so I’m going to look into it more so I can do a full review. Check back for this blog post shortly.

Killer Email Subject Lines that Force People to Click the Open Email Button

Posted by Marty Dickinson on Oct 15, 2014

Whenever I see a killer email subject line, I’m going to post it here. So far, here’s what I have. Feel free to add in comments with others and we will all be able to come up with killer email subject lines when we need them and practically FORCE our recipients to open the emails because they can’t possibly do anything else but open them!


[topic] is Dead: Now What?

[topic] made easy

1 Simple Trick to [topic]

5 Reasons to [attend, visit, buy, look again at][topic]

Avoid [topic] with This One Weird [action]

Do [industry] Dream of [topic] sheep?

Do You Know the Facts About [topic]

Everything You [know, learned, wondered] about [topic] is wrong

Free Report: My 5 Step Formula for [topic]

Game [topic]

Get YOUR Share of [topic]

Guidelines for [ topic ]

Has [topic] made the [industry] obsolete?

How to Crush it on [topic]

If it’s Good Enough for [celebrity]

Only (number) [item] left

PDF Download: My [topic] blueprint

Secrets to Rocking Your [topic]

The Fastest and Easiest Way to [topic]

The TRUTH about [topic]

This Guy is Killing it on [topic]

This One Weird [topic] [action]

The Science of [topic]: A Dangerous Idea

Unlock All Your [topic] potential

WARNING: Your Shocking [topic]

Your [topic] coupon is ready

Your [topic] sucks: Why You Need to [article topic]

Other Quirky Things to Try

Reference a movie your audience is familiar with: Why [topic] is like Field of Dreams


Examples of Alliterations in Email Subject Lines:

Invention & Inspiration: Building a Better [topic]