Facebook Edge Rank Defined

Posted by Marty Dickinson on Oct 22, 2010

Well, you can’t really calculate it yet like Google Page Rank, but you can at least know what facebook is looking for from your wall posts and page posts when “it” (the facebook system) decides what posts of yours will be visible to your friends in the “Top News” area and/or the “Most Recent” area. And, unknown to many as I come to find, many of your posts are probably not even seen by your facebook friends…even if they click the “Most Recent.” Here’s a good description of Edge Rank and a couple of diagrams to go along with it. Thanks to Mari Smith for presenting it.

Join me on facebook to see the discussion.

And, here’s a great article describing a test that was run over a period of weeks to essentially get better Edge Rank, although, they termed it more as just experimenting on what it takes to get more people to see your posts. But, it’s Edge Rank none-the-less. Thanks to Cindy Rold for posting it on facebook.

The two just seemed like a perfect match for each other on this post to bring it all together. Plus, I just wanted to put both of these resources here in one place so I could refer to it later.

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