Paying Ghost Writers and Plagiarism: Geting Articles Written for Cheap Can Cost You Later

Posted by Marty Dickinson on Apr 29, 2009

If you’re on my Tuesday Triplet e-mail distribution list, you’re just one week away from receiving a startling new report about how Article Marketing is back with a vengeance! In fact, article marketing done-the-right-way is so hot and so impactful that any business owner, author or speaker would be crazy to not at least look into the new results people are getting and the evolving strategies for how to actually conduct an article marketing campaign.

With any new or re-emerging strategy comes the desire for a lot of people to get the job done on the cheap. That means hiring people you don’t know and have never met through e-lance or craigslist or some other recruiter connector to lands such as India, Philappines, or Russia to write a series of articles for pennies on the dollar for you to promote online.

If you believe outsourcing is the way to go for you, then have at it. Just remember that if your discount ghost writer happens to steal someone’s article content already published online or off-line, YOU are the one that will suffer the legalities that follow.

Here’s an example. I just got this email today from a guy that offers one of the many article marketing tools we use at my main Internet marketing company HereNextYear, Inc. A portion of that e-mail reads as follows:

Over the last month we have had not one, but two cases of blatant
plagiarism affect our authors and of course, our publishers. Unfortunately
plagiarism is something that has been plaguing writers and publishers for a
long time and neither the Wizard, nor newspapers and magazines, are

So, as writers or commissioners of articles, it is your responsibility to
make sure the writers you hire are not just stealing articles and selling
them to you. Both cases of plagiarism in these cases were delivered by
Elance writers to the unsuspecting clients. Now that is not to say that it
is Elance's fault, as it is not. There are unscrupulous people in every
walk of life that are just out for the money. Just have a look at the
current state of the world's financial affairs at the moment.

In any case, if you are outsourcing your articles to be written - please,
please, please, check your articles for originality before posting them.
Ultimately the negative responses will land on you if you don't, as the
resource boxes have your name and are pointing to your URL.

There is duplicate content checking software available that can check your
article for plagiarism before you send it out. Or you can take one of the
more unique sentences in the article; enclose it in quotes (") and run a
search to see if there are any exact matches in Google. And if there are
you can check to see if the article is identical."

- – -

Now, let me share another example to illustrate the difference. A new client is into stock trading training and has developed a system to teach others to day trade. He came to us needing a 5-page white paper expanded into something that would promote his training program. My “in-house” English speaking, American copywriter altered his document into something that would appeal to the audience intended.

We are just starting to launch this site, so I can’t give you any real numbers yet as to its effectiveness. But, the point is that our client doesn’t even have to think for a minute of getting a visit by the FBI or some phone call threatening a fine for plagiarism. Why? Because he knows exactly who will be re-writing that article.

Yes, article marketing is huge right now. But, just like it was a big deal 5 years ago, so was plagiarism back then. And, now it’s back with the new advent of article marketing.

Take your chances with the low-budget companies. Or, find someone you know personally that you might have to pay a bit more, but it will be well worth it to have your peace of mind.

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