Affiliate Marketing Workshop in Denver October 14, 2009

Posted by Marty Dickinson on Sep 28, 2009

I just received word that my good friend Byron Walker is hosting a 3-hour workshop in Denver on October 14th at 6:30pm.

Byron is a former HereNextYear client who learned how to do Internet marketing himself so he eventually didn’t need me anymore. I LOVE when that happens!

I had been telling him for months that he should get into affiliate marketing to supplement his income and one day he finally took the plunge.

I won’t tell you exactly how much he makes today, but I will say it’s more than $20,000 a month…exclusively through affiliate marketing.

And, now he even has some products of his own to sell. Sound familiar?

Anyway, here’s what Byron sent to me to send to you to promote this great event coming up. And, it’s only $35….

But, if you use the coupon DISC154, you’ll even get $15 off of that!

Check it out and see you there:

Network with Top “Online Marketers” here in Denver!

(Forward this email to any friends that may have an interest.)
Online Marketers Group Conference
October 14th at 6:30pm.
(one time event)
Workshop Registration Link
(use Discount Code Number “DISC154″)

You’ve heard of people making big money selling e-books and other items online, now find out how they do it.

Even if you don’t have a product to sell, learn how “Affiliate Marketing” is a fast and easy way to start earning money online (while you sleep).

If you have no experience with “Online Marketing”, or you are already an online marketing expert…

… This conference is a MUST ATTEND.

Things you will learn:
- How other local internet marketers are making over $500 per day
- The different ways to make money online, and tips for each
- Marketing techniques that get results
- Network with like-minded people in Denver

That last point is key!

Everyone always says “business is all about networking.” Well, internet marketing is no exception and often times “who you know” is just as important as what you know. Solid networking with true professionals is what takes businesses to the next level. Are you ready?

Limited Time Discount *$20 Tickets*

The regular admission price is $35, but being one of the exclusive sponsors of this event, we have negotiated a big discount for our members. As a member you will only pay $20 when you use the discount code. But the event is expected to sell out very quickly. If you plan to attend you’ll need to get your tickets today.

This is a rare event that may not be held again, so jump on this opportunity while you can.

Get More Details Here
(Use Discount Code Number “DISC154″)

All the best,
Marty Dickinson
HereNextYear, Inc.

P.S. It’s hugely gratifying when my own students and clients make a life change by putting their “I’m not technical” excuses behind them and really make a mark for themselves on the web. Even more exciting is when they start teaching others to do the same. I hope you’ll join me Wednesday, October 14. Here’s that link again with the discount code:

Claim Your Seat Now!
(Use Discount Code Number “DISC154″)

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